Reconditioning and Detailing

Rayco Eurospec Motorcars | Reconditioning and Detailing

Auto Detailing

Automobiles can be considered the second biggest purchase the average individual makes. For this reason, it makes sense to routinely maintain your vehicle in order to protect your investment. To ensure your vehicle’s interior and exterior is maintained in top condition, it should be detailed regularly.

When it comes to professionally detailing your vehicle, attention to detail is our passion. Rayco Eurospec technicians address every detail – inside and out with painstaking care and the finest quality professional products.

Our exterior service includes a complete hand wash, oxidation removal, a sealant application to protect the paint and/or clear coat, a wax application to enhance the paint and/or clear coat finish, a thorough buffing to restore its luster, and a tire treatment to add the final touch.

Our full interior service includes vapor cleaning the carpets and mats, a thorough cleaning of all seating surfaces, applying a leather and/or vinyl treatment, cleaning all instruments, and applying a protectant to wood, where applicable.

Rayco also offers a wide array of special services such as odor removal, overspray and fallout removal, specialized clay treatment, stain removal, engine degreasing, and wheel polishing and refinishing.

Paintless Dent Removal

Rayco Eurospec sets a high standard for paintless dent removal (PDR). Rayco doesn’t camouflage the damage, we make dings and dents disappear without the need for paint or body fillers. With this unique process, we restore your vehicle’s appearance at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time of conventional body shop repair work.

Our expert technicians use custom-designed tools to gain access behind the damaged area and gently massage the metal back to its original state. This process preserves the vehicle’s exterior finish and structural integrity.

PDR is a metalworking art that requires a great deal of experience, patience and skill to do correctly. Don’t take a chance having an inexperienced technician do a disappointing repair on your vehicle. Rayco has the best technicians in the business with the experience, tools and know-how to do the job right. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Rayco Eurospec Motorcars | Paintless Dent Repair

Windshield Repair

Rayco Eurospec technicians are experts at making quick, permanent repairs on star breaks, combination breaks, bull’s-eyes and small cracks in windshields for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The damaged area is filled and sealed using the highest quality clear adhesive resins and state-of-the-art equipment.

Glass Replacement

If the damage is too extensive to repair, Rayco Eurospec can affordably replace windshields and other broken glass or mirrors on your vehicle.

Rayco Eurospec Motorcars | Windshield Crack Repair

Paint / Airbrush Touch-Up

It is nearly impossible to drive on the freeway and local roads without getting minor paint chips, pits and scratches caused by flying gravel, small stones and other road debris. Our expert technicians can quickly and affordably improve the appearance of your vehicle by filling these paint imperfections. Color-matching will be no problem because our computerized system enables us to custom blend paint to match your vehicle.

While it is not always possible to repair the damage so that it is 100% undetectable, it is often a good alternative to the much higher cost and vehicle downtime required to repaint the entire part or panel.

Most paint touch-up and airbrush touch-up procedures are very affordable and can be completed in less than a day.

Rayco Eurospec Motorcars | Paint Retouching and Airbrushing

Window Tinting

Window tinting will enhance the overall appearance and comfort of your vehicle. It has the ability to create a very aesthetically pleasing overall effect and will help protect your vehicle’s interior from sun damage. Window tinting can be applied as a single enhancement or used to complement other elements on your vehicle. Rayco offers a wide selection of the latest colors and shades to choose from. Our convenient, one-day service is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Rayco Eurospec Motorcars | WIndow Tinting

Wheel Repair

When you damage a wheel on your vehicle, your first instinct may be to go to the dealer for another. But wheel prices are outrageously high. Rayco Eurospec can repair most minor cosmetic damage including “road rash,” curb scrapes, gouges and discolorations at a fraction of the replacement cost of the wheel.

If your wheels aren’t damaged but just need freshening up with a new coat of paint or clear coating, Rayco can provide that service too. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures a flawless painted or polished finish on your wheel. To ensure the best results we use only the highest quality paints and primers. Because we are normally repairing only one or two wheels from a vehicle, we take great care to mix and tint the colors properly to make sure your newly refinished wheel matches your existing wheels in color and texture.

Rayco Eurospec Motorcars | Wheel Repair